Pork Belly Rotisserie BBQ PitCMiller

1500mm long and 750mm in diameter this unitPork Belly Rotisserie copy will hold at least 20 chickens. This rotisserie can be ran on wood or charcoal and

requires minimal tending when cooking once the fire is set. The trays on this series come within 500mm of the fire so in event of flare ups you rarely get the charring seen on rotisseries with lower height to fire ratio.

The customer that originally commissioned this cooker ended up ordering two for catering work and recently took 3000kg of meat to the annual easter Port Augusta Snapper fishing festival and sold all bar 3kg. They cooked chicken wings, drumsticks, and foot long sausages. The flavours that come from cooking over a wood fire is special and once tasted customers can,t get enough.

Sizes for this range from 750mm long to 2400mm long all are 750mm in diameter.

Prices start at $8950