Lucifer Grill SeriesCMiller

Lucifer-Grill-06For the enthusiastic carnivore, the Lucifer range is made for the hard-core backyard wood-fired grilling addict or the caterer that wants quality equipment that will last forever.

This range of grills is constructed from 3 and 5mm thick stainless steel throughout and is fully welded.

The inner of the grill is fully lined with fire brick to cut down on the amount of wood required for cooking as well as to shield the chef from the heat created.

The cavity between the inner and outer of the grill is lined with ceramic fibre insulation so even on the hottest of cooks the outside of the oven will not get above 45 degrees.


The lucifer series range from a grill size of 650mm x 975mm to 650mm x 1950mm configuration of the cooking surface can be varied to have all grill, plate, pans or a combination making this a very flexible cooking unit.

Prices start from $9950